Abhijit Biswas has more than 18 years of experience in research and development in the field of Financial Engineering and Risk Management product systems. He is the founding Director of Indian Institute of Quantitative Finance, India's pioneering educational institution in the field of Financial Engineering, Financial Risk Management and Investment Banking. He was a pioneer in India in Financial Risk Management systems research and development.

He was the co-founder and Head of Product Development at Risk Infotech Solutions, India's pioneering company in Portfolio Risk Management Software Products. He received Venture Capital funding to start up RISPL which was one of India's first software product companies to research and develop risk management systems in India, which caters to major global financial institutions.

He is also consultant to HPC Links, involved in the development of Quantitative Finance solutions and services using High Performance Parallel Computing technologies in Algorithmic Trading, Risk Analytics, etc. He is also consultant to financial institutions for Volatility Trading systems.

As a Quant professional, he has created numerous breakthroughs in Risk Modelling technology in India. He co-developed India's first and principal Multi-Factor Risk Model for the Equity market, and India's first and only one of a kind Multi-Factor Risk Model for the Fixed Income market. He has also developed India's first commercial grade large scale Monte Carlo Simulation system for business analytics using Excel spreadsheet models.

He has been a consultant to major global financial institutions in risk management domain. He has conducted training programs on risk management, statistics, econometrics, simulations, etc. at several global and large Indian banks, stock exchanges and other financial institutions.

He was also part of the Mumbai University, Board of Studies entrusted with the task of improving the MMS (Finance) program to make it more industry ready and also initiate new masters programs in Quantitative Finance.